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Restaurant Delivery & Take-Out Containers

Pactiv Foam Take-Out Containers

  • 9X9 1 Compartment (YHLW0901)
  • 9X9 3 Compartment (YHLW0903)
  • 9X6 Rectangle #10205
  • 9X6 Shallow 206
  • 8X8 3 Compartment (YTD18803)
  • 8X8 1 Compartment (YTD18801)
  • 7X8 3 Compartment (YHLW0703)
  • 5X5 Small Sandwich Container (YTH10079)
  • 8X8 3 Compartment Hinged Container (YHLW0803)

GenPak Foam Take-Out Containers

  • Jumbo 1 Compartment Container (#25000)
  • 9X9 1 Compartment (SN200)
  • 9X8 1 Compartment (SN220)
  • 9X9 3 Compartment (#23300)
  • 9X6 1 Compartment (#20500)
  • Large Sandwich Container (#225)
  • 8X8 3 Compartment (SN223)
  • Jumbo Sandwich Container (SN227)
  • 9X9 1 Compartment Black Container (SN200VB)
  • 9X6 1 Compartment Black (20500VBLK)

Dart Foam Take-Out Containers

  • Foam Hinged Medium Sandwich Container (50HT1)

Fiber-Hinged Take-Out Containers

  • 8X8 3 Compartment Black Fiber
  • Fabrikal Fiber-Hinged 9X6X3
  • Fabrikal Fiber-Hinged 6X6X3
  • Fabrikal Fiber-Hinged 9X9X3

Deli Take-Out Containers

  • Clear Deli Container 8 oz
  • Clear Deli Container 16 oz
  • Clear Deli Container 32 oz
  • Clear Deli Container Lids 8/16/32 oz

Pactiv Round Foil Carry-Out Containers

  • 7" Round Pan Container
  • 7" Dome Lid Container

Plastic Cutlery for Take-Out & Delivery

  • Medium Knife
  • Medium Spoon
  • Medium Fork
  • Fork Wrapped White
  • Cutlery Kit Wrapped (fork,knife,spoon,napkin,salt,pepper)
  • Heavy Knife
  • Heavy Fork
  • Heavy Spoon
  • Heavy Cutlery Kit Black Wrapped (fork, knife, spoon, napkin)
  • Heavy Fork Black Wrapped

Newspring Black Plastic Containers

  • Round Container 7" Black (NC729B)
  • Black Plastic Combo 9" Rectangle (NC888B)
  • Black Plastic Combo Rectangle 5X7 (NC838B)
  • Black Plastic Combo Rectangle 38oz 8X6X2

TriPak Black Plastic Carry-Out Containers

  • Combo 9" Rd Deep
  • Rectangular 32 oz 8X6X2 (6350-B)


  • Beverage Napkin
  • Marcal Dinner Napkin 15X17
  • Lunch Napkin
  • Dinner Napkin 15X17
  • Red 2-ply Beverage Napkin

Plastic Soup Containers

  • 8 oz Plastic Soup Container w/Lid
  • 16 oz Plastic Soup Container w/Lid
  • 32 oz Plastic Soup Container w/Lid

Paper Hot Food Take-Out Containers

  • Moist Food Container 8 oz Combo
  • Moist Food Container 12 oz Combo
  • Moist Food Container 16 oz Combo
  • Moist Food Container 32 oz Combo

Additional Food Packaging and Bags

  • Foil Wrap
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Wax Paper
  • Plastic & Paper Takeout Bags

For almost 100 years, Quality Food has been supplying complete wholesale restaurant and market/grocery store solutions. Our custom cutting room and on-site butchers ensure we provide only the freshest cuts to our customers each and every day. Today we can supply your retail business with thousands of products directly from our local warehouse; anything from fresh produce and fish to cleaning supplies and napkins. Call today and speak to one of our specialists or download a catalog for a complete listing of all the products that we offer.
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